personal injury
If you have been injured through someone's fault or negligence, we want to be your lawyer. The Nolan Law Firm represents individuals who have been injured by the negligence of others in signifigant personal injury cases. We represent individuals, who have sustained serious injuries including broken arms, hips, legs, as well as facial and nerve injuries through the fault or negligence of others in automobile, construction, defective product, pothole, sidewalk, snow and ice, premises and vacation accidents.

securities arbitration
If you have been injured through a stockbroker's actions, we want to be your lawyer. We have represented individuals against the largest brokerage houses and their brokers for abuses in sale of investment securities. In one matter, we represented a widow, who was misrepresented as to the suitability of her investments and lost $600,000. We obtained $1,45 million for our client in compensation for her loss. We also represent securities industry employees against brokerage houses in litigation, mediation and arbitration.

medical malpractice
If you have been injured through a health care provider's actions, we want to be your lawyer. The Nolan Law Firm represents individuals who have been injured by the medical malpractice of dentists, doctors, nurses, and hospitals. We have represented individuals, who received improper medical care including the failure to diagnose an illness, unnecessary surgery, which resulted in blindness, scarring, as well as foreign objects being left in the patient.back to top

real estate
Nolan Properties, Inc., a New York licensed real estate brokerage firm, represents the purchaser or the seller of condominiums, cooperatives, private residences, and commercial properties on an exclusive basis for 90-180 days. After we reach agreement with a potential purchaser, we draft your contract of sale and represent you at the closing for the same standard 6% comission you would pay any real estate broker. Thus, by hiring Nolan Properties, Inc., you save the cost of hiring an attorney. We also prepare commercial leases, mortgages, and have substantial experience in real estate litigation including contracts of sale, commercial leaseholds, and cooperatives.back to top

commercial and corporate
We regularly represent new business ventures; incorporate new businesses, draft partnerships or joint venture agreements; and when necessary, dissolve these entities. We also have extensive business litigation experience. For example, we are currently representing a well known fast food franchisee in a lease litigation at a large shopping mall; a building owner, that suffered property damage from the construction of an adjoining building; a dentist renegotiating his lease; and a software developer dealing with a major banking institution.back to top

employer - employee
We represent employers and employees in employment disputes in arbitration, litigation and mediation including age, arrest, religious, and sex discrimination. We successfully litigated an ERISA action on behalf of an employee benefit plan and its participants against a pension trustee. We also successfully litigated an employment agreement on behalf of a former officer against an international watch manufacturer. We also settled an employment dispute arising out of our client's reassignment to a territory with a lower income potential based on her pregnancy.back to top
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